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Raise Really High The Roofbeam, Gassbag

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When I heard that my brother was going to get married, I was more surprised than anything, but also awed by his courage. Our sister, named Baah Baah during a particularly bad recreational substance binge by our fun-loving, aristocratic parents, Nancy and


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“Probably a fungus”, his wife said, “perhaps you should wash there more often.”

Two Months Before, Two Months After

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Where Chip's penis had been, flaccid and splotchy, there was only blood.

Things I Should Have Done - #2

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I do not trust Shay anymore.

Godfrey part 1 : Godfrey's penis

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"Bit of a shrinkage situation."

Princess Pawn

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I suspected he might hate me. This was a game to him. He wanted to see who would scream,"Basta, basta!" first.

Full Frontal Shameful Replication of Incorrect Anatomy

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I look down at my free of clothing genitalia and curiously note that the testicles sprout from above my erect penis, and my scrotum is so taut, hard and shriveled as to conjure squished images of a gigantic pink peanut.

A Not-For-Kids Dream That All Boys Have

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The room turns red and I start screaming and ejaculating. The whole class is watching as Mr.Smith slams down my copy of the test with his right hand and swiftly tears off my penis with his left.

You're All Knuckles

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Her eyeballs are made of fur, like plush little bumblebees at home in her sockets.

Mastery of All Thangs Including Sonatas and Piledrivers

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My old buddy Snoop Dogg saunters into the room, and we go through a handshake routine that takes over ten minutes, ending with double-backflips and some brotherly penis swordplay.

Dog & Pony Show

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