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Letter to my son

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"Such is our life.” "The life you put me in!" "At least you've got one!"

First Lesson (Mother Tongue Series)

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I used to see kids at the mall with those extendable "kid leashes". Like the ones made for chihuahuas. Like the ones made to squash a good story, you know...

The Hollow Affronts, Internal

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And it's a tough thing to become a father, a contradiction; guiding a child to avoid the things that you know about so well.


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“Your mother, so dark, the gypsy. Don’t love her. We’ll call her something like ‘Blackie.’ The French have a particular word for a union like ours, your mother’s and mine. It’s ‘mésalliance’, you will remember the word, won’t you, girlie? If you do, yo

He's Grieved Long Enough

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My stepmother called me an amoral virgin during our latest "disagreement."

Every Kid

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Glaucoma can be a wonderful ally. Aziz-un-nisa saddled her steel chair in yards of pashmina wool, wickered navy and brown, waiting for him to step into the room. Goodbyes rehearsed, she sensed it was showtime. Glaucoma wouldn’t lose this afternoon.