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Winter '69

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One minute Rudy was sitting up close to me, asking me how could Geppetto make a little boy out of a piece of wood, and the next, Steve was pounding up the stairs, yelling, "Carla, get blankets, warm clothes; we're leaving, we won't be back."


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Seven black and orange Tortoise-shell kittens nursed in a crate the day Sue returned from rehab, to her parent's Atlanta home.

Fanfare for a Soldier

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Your father was newly home from the rice paddies of Viet Nam. Before our meeting, my only source of information about Viet Nam veterans had been the television...


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So in the middle of that reddest of red states, our group, we needed our own base, our own HQ for our own fun: we made art, we played in bands. We couldn't hang out in the normal places, like the arcade or rec-room on campus. We'd get our asses kicked i