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"Brava! Brava!"

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I woke to a crash and the sound of coins rolling along the linoleum. “Mom?” She did not look up. Her shaking hand was gathering up the single crown coins, the fifty heller pieces. Triumphantly she rescued a ten crown note from the piggy bank shards. …

I'll Tell You, Bud

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What the hell am I thinking, bud, At a late time like this, doing my laundry at 2 a.m. because we Talked on the phone too long? Underwear has a way of keeping things real.

The Vanes of Foxes

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If you are a fox then I am also a fox.


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He'd sit or stand, as if this was common to see: in the street walking by, such a man.

The Secret Life

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The silver urn of ashes inscribed with his unknown name.