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First thing I ever did when I arrived in New Orleans was buy a bottle of cheap bourbon from the ABC to go with the cheap room in the cheap transients' house on Josephine Street just at the edge of the Garden District. I set the bottle on the filthy table by the…

Off the Beaten Path

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Off the Beaten Path we drove through the night off the beaten path all the way back from New Orleans I tried to sleep in the back seat only to be awakened again and again as you swung from one side of the road to the other you planted M-80s in mailboxes …

NOLA's Nightcap

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I need to be commended, despite the wine glass that threw itself at your sister's head of rollers. Imagine a pear in the deli meat aisle ripening behind glass...

Clover Grill: A Short Story

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I'm somewhere on I-10 in Mississippi, barreling westbound at 80 miles an hour through a rainstorm on a late Wednesday afternoon. The last road sign I remember was for Beauvoir, some Confederate general's…

I Walk with the Absurd

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I go over to the bed and lie down. Sarah stands up and away from the bed and then takes off her small golden sweater and slips off her blue winter dress. Her skin is a milky white, except the grey and black bruises around her knees, ankles and arms

Christmas in the Big Easy

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So I got to thinking that maybe God makes mistakes sometimes, like Santa Claus made a mistake last Christmas.


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She rose to one elbow, brown breasts lolling in the shadows. “I tell you when you go.”

Mr. Fix-It

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