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Thought Bubble for the Unobserved

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My accent doesn’t carry well over a milk steamer,beside a man in shorts, pulled-up white socks and New Balance running shoes shouting at a phone.

No access to the Hollywood Sign

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The sign that informs tourists that there is no access to the Hollywood Sign is the most ignored sign in all of Los Angeles.

Crows and the Gunshot

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We'll Thelma-and-Louise it, I urged, Bonnie-and-Clyde it, she bettered, Sundance-and-Butch it, I proffered but she was already leaning in for a kiss.

Snapshots I can draw upon to guide myself as a father

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We’d have talked about the village boys, Gordon Cowens, the Lambs, the motorbikes and Morris Minors, what used to be where something else is over canal-side fish and chips from Fazely.