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The Lizard Catcher

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The Lizard Catcher had a boyfriend with red hair and green eyes.

Spring Miscellany

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Periclean Greeks/ had no plastics/ just littered the world/ with tragedies.

Whiz Quiz

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Why keep climbing up after finding up is never high enough?

Incoming/Outgoing (w/one tweak)

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A Sometimes Niggling Notion

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A po'm

Play it, Sam

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...still the same old signs...


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She's the one you remember when there's talk of the blow.

Napomo 17: April 7-12

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The drinking will continue/ until morale improves

Napomo 17: April 13 - 18

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Bones consolidate with age. The fleshy/ bits of body follow by wrinkling and/ spreading outward, appearing to expand.

Napomo 17: April 19 – 24

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There are no inspirations./ There are only the things I like/ and the much more numerous// things I do not like.


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Ego bereft of consistency

Napomo 17: April 25 - 30

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As air warms and warm/ winds stir, green becomes the force/ that surges the plains.