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Mark looked at the barrel. Will had filled it to within inches of the top, and that meant the water was cold enough to take away breath, cold enough to make lips turn blue. Even if it had sat all day in the sun, the bottom would be cold, but now, after

The End of the World

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I find driftwood, long, smooth logs washed up on the beach, drag them to dunes still wet from the sea...

Dr. Dre In Passing Bedside Manor

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Like you, I love the people most, and was careful with their stuff ...

Long Gone & Never Coming Back

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twisting, winding, rumbling we roll on through steep wooded hillsides blanketed by two feet of freshly fallen snow glimpses of the countryside through rain spattered windows grainy images from a silent movie slender trees reflected off the…


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It sometimes happens a student remains a friend long after you both have abandon academe.