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MY Last Lecture: Achieving MY Childhood Dreams

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The following is an excerpt of my commencement speech at The Hamlin Refrigeration Vocational Institute. Although I am NOT terminally ill, in all honesty, I haven’t been feeling all that great since, I would say, around April…

How it all started

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I heard this story from my grandmother who heard it from her grandmother who heard it from an uncle, who was a monkey.

The Monkeys and the Gun

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The young male sat off by himself and nursed his wounds and a grudge.

Bongo the Space Ape

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Bongo doesn’t need this shit. The fourth and fifth Lassies spent their twilight years in a resort kennel in Southern California, each mutt with its own human-sized bed and pool, and steak for dinner every night. Bongo just spent sixteen hours in a crate

Happy Monkey Holocaust

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More robots landed with more laser guns. Until they were everywhere. Swarms of them. They blasted monkeys left and right. Their fried monkeybodies were everywhere. This continued until the robots were all tuckered out, and they couldn’t find a monkey left

A monkey puzzle rocket burst

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The things we do for books, she thought.