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Ghost Town

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Down on the rocks a thousand turtles sunned themselves. Between catching breaths Clay said he thought it would be a good idea to drop stones and break their shells.

A Salty, Slutty Bird (for the Paddy Group Challenge)

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"Besides," he said, "Any woman who can tolerate a salty, slutty bird is a keeper."

On Writing "How An Autobot Sunk The Titanic" (April Fool's Challenge)

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I started with the idea of a time travelling Autobot but not as a time traveling vehicle, like a Delorian or the Jet Car from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai.

Adam Gallari Dreams Of Pitching No Hitters

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Baseball is a fag's game. Real men play street soccer and I'm gonna make sure my son grows up to be a real man.

Am I Blanche DuBois

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I’m older now, men don’t fall at my feet except when they’re drunk. I don’t keep as many mirrors in the house. I know this, Stanley, I’m not stupid. I may be fatuous, but it's required by the canon.

The Scholiasts

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It was already 3:30 PM. Where had all the time gone? Linda looked up from her computer monitor over at Carlos, who had his face intently pointed at his. "We have to go soon," she said. "We want to avoid rush hour traffic.""Where did we put the address?" Carlos answered, not…


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Call me Obadiah.


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“What do you call this place?” I didn't really want to talk much in there. For some reason, talking felt too—linear. The words seemed to have a kind of reverberation into associations that seemed somewhat meaningless at the time.”

20th Century Anna (1A)

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Her boyfriend drove her to Union Station in Chicago at daybreak on January 7th. And unbeknownst to her, an large white moth trailed behind the car in the frigid morning air.