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Once There Was A Man

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And there sat one man. Searching for words and solace. The silence returned and the colors peeled off from the walls. Darkness returned with fledgling light. He threw back his head and filled the emptiness with his laugh. He laughed in mirth and in misery

Riposi in Pace.

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It was too young to be love. We were 5, a buzz-cut me, and you, plated with babyteeth

Mama Ana's Apartment, In Washington Heights

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The clang of the police-lock supporting The door, bids us our welcome,

lost something

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my hand is closing;grasping insubstantialair particles thatescape into my fleshypink lungs. imaginary magpies take flight fromthe runways of my whorled greymind. their wingbeats soundlike dust at the morning's end;like finality…

From Ho Chi Minh City with Love: The Revision

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I shall meet you on the terrace of that famed Bamboo Bar, the one you say will remind me of a posh African restaurant. I do not think this is a good thing. I should not have to remind you, I came here to forget Africa.

Sad without Tears

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Sometimes, to be sad, you don't need tears.

Puzzle Pieces

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temporary objects of desire

A Love Letter to Norwich, England

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The number 25 double-decker bus threads its way through the narrow two-lane streets. Coughing and burping without a hint of embarrassment, it carries us from the train station, with its cheerful round clockface and neat front of red brick, over the weepin

The Opposite of Remember is Demember

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No matter how you do it, forgetting something doesn’t mean as much once you’ve forgotten.

My 50th birthday

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A customary phone call from home. What are you doing she says? Playing football I retort – what else. The usual sigh and a faint giggle followed. Much unlike how it backfired back in the late 20’s and we were going to make it the reason to break up! The p

The Legend of Bo Grass

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Bo ruled the city by suggesting new scent formulas in a booming croak of a voice that shook the earth for acres around, yet as a result everybody on the block smelled like fairy breath. Or, on his BAD BREATH DAYS all of the people reeked of rotted sushi f

On Unpredictability

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All that have changed in me, I give to you now.

A Glimpse of Love

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I know that my Butterfly loves me. I've known this for a long time. There are moments though, when you see a person whom is very important to you, as the embodiment of love, and that moment burns itself deep and permanently into your memory. I can remember it today as…


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He tells me scandalous anecdotes about the neighbors, cheats and priests he knew 88 years before, while the sun races the clouds towards the horizon.

There she sits

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I think of today, of yesterday – of all the yesterdays – bitter-sweet as a twisted candle in the burnt-orange autumn air; amber gold liquid, filling smoky atmosphere purpled in a dusky venetian glass, and the scent of roses a bouquet shimmering