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The Seven Dwarves And Their Seasonal Affective, Intimacy, Borderline Grandeur Plus Dependency Issues

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"...and from the moment she tells naughty dwarf to get down on the floor—he’s hardly Grumpy at all anymore, and for whole hours there is nothing but Order and Ardor in his little universe..."


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To Charles Bukowski "I haven't shat or pissed in seven years," she tells him, negotiating each word around the Marlboro. Because he doesn't know what else to say, Isaiah asks, "Haven't you seen a …

The Weak Force

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So I walk behind Sandra’s desk and I put my radioactive tum-tum right up to her beaded dreadlocks and I tell her about the nuclear energy that is flowing through her right now. She laughs and screams at me the way I am sure her daughter does when someone

What We Talk About When We Talk About Insanity

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But that also sounds like two-thirds of the feminist movement

Facebook Man

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And then I made my fatal mistake, which was to have mercy on Facebook Man. I had run out of tortures or maybe the man had nothing to give me. He seemed to be made out of semi-translucent fiberglass. I let go of his throat and sat down on the floor, leanin