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A constellation appears in the shape of Van Gogh’s missing ear.

The Last Highway

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The road winds left then right, dips and climbs, you might be making progress, might not. Then all of a sudden, you come to a long, gradual rise. The ground is clear, hardscrabble: blueberry

The Unwelcome: Prologue

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"The house was the site where Kelt parents...were murdered in the spring of 1942..."

The Unwelcome: Chapter 1

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Whatever that meant, however such a thing could have happened, the house, the place, the whole property...did have that feeling: remote and silent, austere as a tomb of the unknown.

The Unwelcome: Chapter 2

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"I was alone on the driveway in the middle of the darkening woods."

The Unwelcome: Chapter 3

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“Follow me,” he said. “They’re on the other side of the island. There’s nothing on this side. People—normal people—don’t live around here.”

The Unwelcome: Chapter 4

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Something had woken me, but I wasn’t sure what—all I knew was that I had been pulled from sleep by something loud and sudden, and now I was lying awake, alert and unsettled, in the otherwise silent room.

The Unwelcome: Chapter 5

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My voice sounded as empty and useless as I’d felt the night before, seeing her, bloody and battered, in the bathroom across the hall from my room.

The Unwelcome: Chapter 6

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I picked my way down one of the stone staircases, where the broken stone urns wept weeds and shreds of bird’s nests onto the landings...

The Unwelcome: Chapter 7

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“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” “Saving your life,” said the man. “Probably.”

The Unwelcome: Chapter 8

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There, just below my knee, was a dark brown leech, fat as a battery, with a cuff of blood seeping out from its burrowing head.

The Unwelcome: Chapter 9

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“We hear things all the time over here,” she said. “Coming through the trees, coming from that place.”

A Walk on Ferry Beach, Maine

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"and I turned to you, at some joke we shared, and saw winter ease its hand,"