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No One Will Ever Give You This Poem

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and say did you know it was written just for you? But I will. No one will walk up to you on the busy street one day and say did you know he loved you this much? But I'm telling you now. What good would a pyramid be or a hanging garden or a starry…

Three Weeks Today

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for MeropiThree weeks ago this Fridayan awfully strange thing happened, the air tasted salty and the cobble stoned street at my doorstep shook in mathematical waves.Three weeks ago, I acquired superpowers. I can speak words into the ground and you feel me touch your feet…

Nothing Will Be Left

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This isn't a where for you to what down upon with your heavy handedness again and again. No. Well some would say counting down the softly rising rows of constantly crumbling ancient guardian mountains in…

Moon Stone

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It is late at night and you lean / over me to make sure your alarm is set.