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No Lions or Tigers, Thank Goodness

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I scrambled back a bit and found my feet after untangling them from my trekking poles. Really should have dropped those when this all started. The bear lunged at me with his teeth and I just barely dodged to the left to avoid getting something bitten of

The Phantom Truck

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A one-eyed croc from Pensacola wept copiously each day as he toasted, Glissendra had once flossed his teeth. (His charitable disposition mocked his poor memory: Glissendra had actually once taped his snout shut with duct tape.)

Sunday Morning Series- Two: A Tender Faith

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feeding the lions, tigers

Jake's Latex Slingshot

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The first time I felt it, I didn’t know why. I assumed it was normal and perhaps it was. I was hiding under an orange blanket in the living room. One of them, Jake, told me where I could find the tubing, in a dumpster at the back of the emergency room par