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A house of dreams

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I remember a house of dreams I remember all the jack-o-lanterns in a row laughing disconcertingly, their mouths collapsing inward minds exposed.

Billets Doux

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Dear Aspertame, Okay, are you REALLY bad for me? I keep getting e-mails saying you'll give me MS or Cancer, but then I also hear it's total crap. So tell me, are you going to kill me or what? Consider your answer carefully while I drink this Diet Coke.

Ransom Note

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A patchwork of fonts, the best of the world’s Sunday editions, selections from the Crayola 64 to fill in blanks. The note threatens, a finger at a time, a toe per day, then it’s organs.

An Appreciation of What May Have Been

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Conjure a manner of address that is in the same way shocking, assaultive, seductive, raw.

Absent On The Inbox Of Memory

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Days you don't call— with neither warmth nor thrill, I can't help but stand


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The leadoff hitter must be comfortable accepting that he will almost never be the hero and will not be anyone's favorite and he will not be the baseball card that is traded for simply because his skills and abilities are subtle.

Coming Through the Rye

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As I stood in my mother’s closet with my niece Chloe, and read the letter aloud, I was shocked to discover I had shared with my mother details about my love life.

The People We Like

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How hard it is to pretend to be someone else. Alone, together, in the silence... I thought about how you must really like me to act quite like that. I wanted to hold your hand and read the unsent love letters.

Letters to Conrad

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Dear Conrad, If you cannot control your dog’s barking I’ll rig up a loud speaker facing the general direction of your house, and every time your mutt starts howling at the moon, I’ll start playing “It’s a Small World (After All)” at top volume on the p


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He stood outside of the brown tri-level, motionless except for the slight tremble in his hand as he read the letter he’d been putting off reading for what felt like an eternity. His eyes grazed the page in silence and processed the words in a cavern