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Better Than Court TV: The Poetic Defense Attorney

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Officer Flub, is it not a matter of veracity that a pale, anemic moon shone barely in the starless sky?

My Own Worst Enemy (revised)

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There was so much to overcome after a childhood of hiding self-loathing and panic under pillows, so much to do to make up for loss: the pursuit of a generous fan club, which entailed the cultivation of an opaque, John Galt persona, a larger than life self

Juan Looking Good

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Juan’s tío, Richard, who works for the city and is the kind of Mexican who thinks he isn’t, took care of the lawyer. Juan checks himself in the mirror, didn’t know how good dressing fancy would feel.

Crystal Clear

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At 10:30 a.m. precisely Judge Jessica Gislason saw the file and walked swiftly out of child protection court and into her chambers, where she placed her snubnose .38 special to her right temple and fired. She had never been a right-brain sort of person.