Stories tagged larceny

Convenience Store

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I’m casing the place; my boyfriend Jimmy is about to bust in and rob the store.

Phone Sex With the Telemarketer

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“Oh, honey, I am sorry if I offended you in any way,” I said. “Oh, no, ma’am, I ain’t shocked or nothin. It’s just that, well… it’s the first time I ever got a hard on from a granny, is all.”

Unfinished Business

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Once the bar closed and the last of the night crew had checked out, Bert had this decision to make: leave a note behind or not?

Phone Sex With the Telemarketer

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“Go on,” I said, cradling the phone on one side of my neck as I slid his zipper down.

Right and Wrong

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Uncle Tee, a dog handler, taught all the camp children their basics: how to "make change" from a $10-bill, how to slip a hand into ladies' purses, and how to make their smiles warm and endearing.

Secrets and Piles of Money

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The dog awakens at the sound of a petal falling, sure that barbarians are at the gate. She opens wide her yellow teeth.