Stories tagged landscape

The Forsaken

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Every town has one. Or one at the very least...

Nature's Erotica

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In a release of pleasure Her rain fell to the ground Mingling with the Essence of the Earth

Railroad Yard in Snow

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Nothing moves, though two switch engines chuckle on a siding, their exhaust an umber wash.


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When you live in a place a long time, sometimes you love it and then you hate it. But get enough years down the track and you don’t even notice it anymore. That’s because it’s not out there anymore, it’s wormed its way into you, shaped you, the grey mush

The Way Back Home

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500 miles all the way from Omaha nine hours on the back of a flatbed truck

11/30/13; or, what you won't see in the picture

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Sleep rubbed from eyes (him), boulders and maps stacked wide rows of trees (persimmons), a single fruit stained in dirtsurfers bobbing, a couple dozen of 'em waiting on winter swells.His grandfather's hoophouses twelve cities away, crow-studded …

Figures in Disquieting Landscapes

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Tentacles hold fast to the small/ thrashing thing they believe is true// which, devoured, once crushed/ completely still, turns into shit,