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Enid's Hat, Joyce's Youth

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They sat silently, side by side on the edge of the flatbed. Joyce’s long hair danced across Enid’s shoulder, whispering now and then along the back of her neck.


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He grew up needing an enemy, his class warfare instincts kindled by the death of his father in the labor dispute and bolstered by the readings of Steinbeck, Lawrence, Sinclair and others, and the college-bound students who were particularly bothered by Pi

Odd Man Out

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I stand frozen on the wall, with 40 pounds of tarpaulin slung over my shoulder. A late winter chinook wind howls off the front range. Stevie says we've been assigned to move a stack of tarps to another spot. This involves navigating a traverse of about 50 feet across…

Buffalo Bob and the Honey Dipper

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I girded my loins for battle, as best I could, and dressed from head to toe in hard hat, gas mask, goggles, cover-alls, rubber gloves, and steel-toed boots. At the very least, the bare minimum for performing this unspeakably repugnant toil should have be


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Becoming truer heroes on our own.

Good Help Is Hard To Find

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Some of them are notorious tweakers. Nobody epitomizes the cowboy-outlaw biker more than the ironworkers, who are wired on Black Beauties they sell on breaks. Bulldozers rumble over loose red soil, kicking up dust and spewing acrid exhaust. Machinery clamors and…

Communism: the Old Guard and the New Guard

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In the world of Communism, there is the Old Guard and the New Guard, and they do not get along.

Salt of the Earth

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Eddie operates a drill press. A robotic automaton, he stands at the same machine day after day wearing a grimy beanie and filthy cover-alls. Smoke curls from a cigarette dangling on his lower lip. Most of his teeth are missing and he drools profusely and stutters…