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Things I Should Have Done - #2

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I do not trust Shay anymore.

Mouth Manifesto

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I want you to kiss me like you’re listening to my tongue. I want you to hear the rhythm of my heart through my lips. Can you feel what I’m telling you? If you’re entering my borders, it doesn’t matter where - my mouth, my pussy, my ear... you’d better pay

The Distance Between You

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It wasn't that I couldn’t imagine it. Rather, I could almost conjure the choreography to mind. One of his hands would graze at the side of my face. One finger would extend and stroke me, from my temples to my chin. He would press my body against something

Jake's Latex Slingshot

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The first time I felt it, I didn’t know why. I assumed it was normal and perhaps it was. I was hiding under an orange blanket in the living room. One of them, Jake, told me where I could find the tubing, in a dumpster at the back of the emergency room par

Kissing In a Warm Car

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Then I did the same to you, inhaling your scent which was one thing at your hairline and another at your collarbone.