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The Shloshim Period

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It’s a Wednesday night and she’s driving to a motel in the deep valley, a place she’s never gone, though she’s always loved the connotation that deep valley brings up in her head.

The Search

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“Sixty-seven responses!” Al Edelstein announces at the first meeting of the search committee. It has been just two weeks since Rabbi Feldman dropped dead of a heart attack and just a week since the congregation ran the ad: “Help Wanted: Orthodox Rabbi. Im

The Wish

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Now coins used for wishing are not like coins used to purchase bread or carrots. Coins that have been invested with the magic of hopes and desires are special and have special properties. The difference between wishing coins and ordinary coins is very subtle.

A poetic response

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I saw this great video, but thought the argument had holes:

Good For The Ducks

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It's dawn. It's quiet on the pond in the Public Garden. The light is calm, the pollution is mild, and everything is still,except for the occasional cruising taxi. It's the beginning of spring-- tulips out, leaves…

Ghosts of a Polish Ghetto

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I was born fifteen years too late to save them; Granddaddy was born fifteen years too soon.

Golem Got The Beach Balls

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After his last two attempts at creating a modern golem for his computer science class fails miserably, optimistic Benesh tries to channel the spirit of Steve Jobs into a sand golem as skeptical Jacob watches during a trip to the beach.

Lessons Learned

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What was so bad about other religions that their followers were automatically condemned to eternal damnation? The priests were so convincing when they claimed Christ was the only true way.

The Source

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On the phone, David tried to affect the silence and absorption of a great interviewer. He asked simple questions and allowed his subject to digress before breathing in and asking the next question. It was a type of performance he hoped would convince her