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Bacon's Blood (25)

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Kimmy's wake. Sort of.

Bacon's Blood (26)

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...hangover sex...

Bacon's Blood (27)

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Blow and Rose discover the photo Kimmy sent with her cellphone just before she crashed.

Bacon's Blood (28)

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“It must have some significance. Maybe they can blow it up, get a better look at it.”

Bacon's Blood (29)

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The plan is hatched.

Bacon's Blood (30)

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"I'm sorry, Ms. Dickman..."

Bacon's Blood (31)

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“Oh, yeah, two powerful women. Shrink that weinie down to an hors d'oeuvre, ha..."

Bacon's Blood (32)

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The performance begins...

Bacon's Blood (34)

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Rose v. Motley -- Round 1

Bacon's Blood (35)

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Rose and Blow plan 2nd assault on Charles Motley

Glory Hobble

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I was to limp with stunned, growing horror, as I navigated through the swirling smoke and maze of human corpses...

Bacon's Blood (43)

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Blow's home. Describes day with Bacon and the Wilcox brothers. Lila fixes salads. (such excitement, be careful you don't hyperventilate)

Bacon's Blood (45)

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Oh, yeah, we're still rolling. Blow's in disguise once again.

Bacon's Blood (48)

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“Stone, goddammit, open up!”