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Do I Want to Be a Writer ?

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Kafka himself espouses in diary entries and letters to Max Brod on the idea that the price for the passion of writing is equal to “service to the devil”. His belief was that there are two kinds of writers. One who writes in the daylight writes “sto

Who is the Emotional Orphan ?

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A wise man said, after being told of his impending death from a terminal illness, “I lived my life exactly the way I chose, and I intend on living my death the same way”. So I started some soul searching…how had I lived mine?


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I can feel the beat of a drum in my chestIt beats, regulating the highway systemsThat course through this vessel of lifeIf there is enough concentration, maybeThere will be felt the passage ofPlatelettes through the tunnels andChambers, the feeling of oxygen passingFrom…

Anxieties of Absence

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On beach trips with our families, there were bumper cars, jet skis; flash enjoyments, beach-themed distractions.


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I was a whole man once.


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I sit in the dark, awake yet aware of another inner death. I breathe in the dark with a disinclination to the cold crimes of my mind. My skin senses the failure of evolutionary processes; a certain kind of abandonment. There is no iron cage of atone

During My Daily Commute

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in moving cars i am small; in moving cars i am invisible.


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I am not in the now of Tomorrow, nor Today - ...