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Guai a sognare

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eyes, slow-waking, broach the young day's sun

Test Patterns

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Back then, TV didn’t go on forever. Back then, stations would sign off, sometimes at two a.m., sometimes at three. They would play the national anthem and show round designs like archery targets, and then static would fuzz the screen until dawn.

Leon Valley of the Dolls

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There's a flag she waves high and it is not white.

Shouting the Muse Down

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In the tumbled-down now there's too much material, culled from pretty boys that don't notice me and tattooed ones that do, and I'm certain there's at least one dreamer soaking eyes into me who knows all the twisted lyrics invoking pretty little horses.

insomnia made bearable

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the cheek of you! to dream/ upon my sheets in schoolboy peace/ when here i lie,/ each second spent/ a tranquilized tiger cursed with awareness/ for all the flesh so near its maw.

Notes to the Dead

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The kind of poem poets write and read. I mean, hey I was feelin’ it HARD at 3:24 am, and this is what spilled out.