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Thoughts That Ran Amok Chopping Celery To Jane's Addiction Nearly Lopped The Thumb Clean Off

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I've hardly ever been anywhere in the world, except Phoenix Vegas and Alaska,

Quenapril Out Of Menlo Park

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His favorite song? Baker Street, by G. Rafferty, that's Stealer's Wheel to you, he loves a guitar

The All About Moi Ghazal

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NASA told Interpol, when I inversed premature: "Subject sans clue what life's about. A cold trout..."

Lemon Pledge Souvlaki Flashback

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"You wanna dress for success buddy or else mess up yer life?"


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it happening again to me, preconfigured, a hedge bet, yet imminent as any memory.

Just a Suggestion.

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[testing ... one, two, three ... testing ... is this thing on? ... ok, here goes:]

SHARPEI! by Tao™ Lin®

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[Don't try to interview me, even if you're from "Rolling Stone" — I'll just "tweet" in your face!]

gah head gah head ghazal

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hard, hard sex in a wind tunnel