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Fringe Element

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In order to be a catalyst for catharsis — which is just a fancy way of saying agent of change — you have to be willing to condition yourself into something partially inhuman. Only something on the very outskirts of humanity…

A Physician Bearing Witness

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Human, you said, Comfort me, at this the end, Life so long, and smiles so short, What will lie beyond the bend?


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Dissection (II)

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She wields the blade.

Train Ride to Naples

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Light wheeled above her head. She felt a knife stab her chest. The pain was too much - she lost consciousness.

Where's My Label Maker?

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The Understanding

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The young boy picks up a coin that has rolled to his feet. It is warm, too warm considering the cold air streaming around him.

A Monologue About Skyscrapers

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Everyday the buildings seem to be getting taller and taller.

Church Construction (Leaps of Logic)

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Suddenly you've got something to do on Sundays - Wake up early and dress your best.