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Propped Up

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Christmas Muzak was piped through to every store in the shopping mall. Giant red velvet bows adorned reproduction Victorian gaslights. Yards of glittered cotton pretended to be snow. A Santa rang a brass bell.

Happy Birthday

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Tack up the ribbons, the banners with tape. Set the table with tablecloth, bright cups and plates. Tell Grandma it’s time to bring in the cake.


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Dead drunks sing Christmas/ songs-

Dead Relatives Day

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“I would not eat that cake if I was you,” Uncle Marty says, clinging now to the tire swing and panting like he is out of breath. “You know what it done to me.”


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It was a dark and stormy night.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

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A man of action would take to his rake/ but Sloth would rather watch and wait/ for snow to erase each leaf on leaf.


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he opens the car door, wrestles out a full-size tiger, and drags it across the snow-covered lawn