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The True Hula (excerpt)

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From the first, the music struck Cecile. It was lilting, graceful, each syllable like water falling at different levels, at varying mathematical degrees.

At This Late Hour

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Whatever you do, do not take that twenty-minute drive out to Hawaii Kai. You know how it will end up. You knew it was wrong when you met him two months ago at the movie theaters. The first clue was his wife, leaning her pretty little head on his …


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I. The car door slams. You've closed the bar and now you sing Piano Man in a drunken slur, stumbling up the driveway. I am in bed, not sleeping. The mango tree leaves tremble from the wind, but it might as well be because of you. You fumble with keys at the front door.…

Rotting Teeth (for Sandra Cisneros)

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At first I wasn't sure what Dad's teeth had to do with us getting kicked outof Grandma's house. Dad's teeth were rotting. Every tooth a color other than white with a few of his front teeth in an active state of decay — brown and jagged with one upper tooth…

A Stabilizing Element

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Hernandez, the name, is not hers. It belongs to Carlos. She's been meaning to change back to her maiden name, Matsuoka, but she hasn't found the time. Sometimes Martha wonders if she's holding on to the name for the same reason she's holding on to the Kauai wedding…

Everything I Need To Know About Aging I Learned From Lilikoi

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Behold! Passion fruit!Aureolin sun condensedRolls off palm and tongue.Spurn taut rounded skinWait for wrinklesRipeness revealed, resplendent —The pinnacle of worth.

Scared Of Paradise

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It was if you memorized my ever detail but not the why. And perhaps that is what love is. Was that love? I lie in bed waiting for the man who came after you to join me. I hear his heavy footsteps and know he wants to go to Hawaii too, when our bud