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The Last Words of a Genius

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The crowd gathered around the dying man's bed, waiting for his last words. He was a genius. The most prolific writer and philosopher to ever live. He wiped his ass with the words of Shakespeare. The thoughts of Plato, Socrates, Descartes, and Nietzsche w

Let The Goddamn Grass Grow

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I would rather be spanking my simian but Mister Rise And Shine And Give God The Glory Glory is disrupting my fantasy life with his lawn mowing across the street.

Wrestling with Genetics

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I know he's an accident waiting to happen.

Classic Rock w/ Proofreader and the Plagiarist

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"She’s a woman in love... that's Tom Petty, baby," she says, while painting perfect heart humps on his warm ass with purple Sharpie marker.

Ordinary Fruit

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I was insufficiently abused as a child.