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In another life you would have learned to cook.

Potato Mash

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Foxes haunted her dreams. Islands full of foxes, truckloads of vixen.

The Perfect Fox

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“You look very glum for being so white,” said the fox. “Do you believe in Jesus?” asked the unicorn.

The Fox in the Garden

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It was 1635. During the time of the Tokugawa, not too many years before the British were expelled from Nippon, Minister Miyoshi no Kyoyuki of Edo decided to indulge in a practice he had heard rumored of the British.

Feminists and Salamanders

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But do you cry for salamanders under any circumstance?


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“Why do you wear smiling frogs on your socks?” the fox asked his friend, the sleek white unicorn, who usually didn't wear socks at all. The only thing the fox knew about frogs was that he…

The Vanes of Foxes

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If you are a fox then I am also a fox.