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New Forest

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An expanse of trees, grass, scrub, heathers, sky, space. A grey horse, the type her gran would have placed a bet on, approaches. "Don't like flies?" he asks. He holds her gaze, walks closer. Seventeen black flies crawl over the right side of his head. "What…

Green Dust

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He was a killer but they didn't know anything about him.


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The end will film itself/ in charred, eviscerated bodies


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TIME FLIES Wind up fucked-up on downers down in Oregon. Feed a spider LSD. Con her into catching a couple time flies. I cut one out of the web before the spider has time to bite the bug. Tie into a noose a hair yanked off my head.…


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A GAL NAMED SAM I'm leading Zero on his hair leash. We're in the kitchen a bit after midnight, checking out egg shells from breakfast eighteen hours before. Zero would prefer the yoke streaks fresh and moist; but he's glad to escape…

Domestic Sketches

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The cats sniff at the small opening,/ one by one, in a furtive casualness./ They think the outside air is sweet