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A Bitter Coyote

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Could better quality in Acme Corp.’s products have prevented my injuries and absurd appearance, one might ask? F*#k yes, says my legal counsel.

Fake Letter: From Your Gay Son

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Dear Mom, You told me the connection between a mother and her son is like no other connection. You carried me for nine months. You scheduled visits with the doctor; you thought and discussed and re-thought and re-discussed with dad what my name would be; you…


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We have grown interest as well in the endeavour We Are Not Joaqiun Phoeniix and at its domicile Fictionut and we would care to see forth that it is most well endowed with glorious Fictionaut Five appearances and herds of yaks and your various charitable c

Let Me Drown

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Our local low rent ice-based superhero said he’d had enough and would check back in early spring.