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Homeowners' Association

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We met every other Tuesday in a dimly lit conference room at Woods Memorial Library. Over lemonade and pecan sandies, we doled out notices for CC&R violations – a garbage can left on the curb longer than two days, a yard overrun with little mallows,

Why I write

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I sprawl, I spill and I splutter

The Kiss

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"Dude!" James smacked Peter's head. "Don't be a jerk. Did you get a look at her or not?" Peter said, "I didn't really see her face. Is she hot? Do you wanna kiss her face?"

Fitness freak lizard caught doing push ups in embarrassing act of rock humping.

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My friend said the lizard was merely sunning itself, trying to get warm since reptiles are cold-blooded. I countered that this was nothing less than the vile display of an animal trying a coital act on a two billion year old boulder.