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Music Box

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Katie loved butterflies. Katie loved daisies. Mainly, Katie loved presents.

2010, what I wanted

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I was once told that envy is the sin of the young and ignorant, that when a person adopts a more worldly view, it fades—after all, we never really know what lurks in another’s lawn


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"Maybe…" he began searching for some comforting wisdom. "Maybe it's like this. Husbands live for their wives. Mothers live for their children. And children...well...until they're husbands or wives, they live for themselves."

A Case of Mo Yan Blues

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my speech/ in Oslo.

The Green Eyed Monster

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So this is what hate feels like. I glare at her, across the room standing there with him. Tall, blond, slender, perfect complexion, adorable smile, and bright eyes; and him and his lean athletic build, soft square jawline, charming smile, deep blue gree


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Jo was tailored, Amy was frivolous with ribbons and bows, Meg was plain and sensible; and Beth, who was ill and had no costume changes, wore the same nightgown throughout the dress-up session.

A Tangled Web of Likes

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Liking up with the Joneses...