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The Wayward Entropy of Libido Jones

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I'm sitting at my desk trying to think of conversation starters leading to the inevitable episode of mediocre sex, and a two week period of darkness.

Blues For Billy C

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It's cool in the morning you don't look like a saver. I be wan, at John's Landing, it kills me begging favors.

Bitter Bits

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Entropy/ has my number.

That Was Then, Not Now

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Memory is unreliable, of course-/ re-coloring savored scenes-/ paler here, more saturated there-

The Great Dying, Pt. 2

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"Great! Great. I got your message . . . yeah, it’s a little long. It’s 140 *words*, not characters . . . "

Four from “Autobiographies”

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The white space beckons-/ a blank wall in a decrepit neighborhood-/ wishing to be decorated or defiled