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Letter to Carlitos

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Dear Carlitos, If you are reading this, you must be looking for Amelia and Abigail. It looked like you might not be coming back for a while, so I kept watering them. I finally moved the “girls” to a safer place, because they were getting really tall and I was…

They Laugh When You Cry

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The sudden sound of old night tires crunching sand, closer, louder, made her jump. The car’s engine bumped and banged like a wild caged bird, then sputtered out just beyond the kitchen window.

They Laugh When You Cry - II

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Tattoos of viper skulls shone on the men’s faces. Viper neck bones glistened on their cheeks, viper tongues flicked blood in the shape of tears and crying eyes, in the shape of crosses.

Yes, the End Time Is Near

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We’ll just choke on all our shit

Elected's Secret

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"If there is a God up there, he would have turned his back on us by now..."

Fear the Future: 25 Brief Tales in Various Keys of Woe, Fear, and Loathing

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The three were up early to await the deer with rifles, ammunition, and coffee.