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Do I Want to Be a Writer ?

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Kafka himself espouses in diary entries and letters to Max Brod on the idea that the price for the passion of writing is equal to “service to the devil”. His belief was that there are two kinds of writers. One who writes in the daylight writes “sto

Have You Seen This Girl ?

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And it struck me. You needed to be on the side of a milk carton. 2 percent of course.

A Science Experiment Called LOVE

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Scars shine like jewelry. Under the microscope of introspection. Two opposite poles possess positive and negative. all along the borderline between the true and false.

Martini Business

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He didn’t get the idea of dialects, but on those nights he heard broken Italian from the owner of a restaurant and gathering place for celebrities and men in sharkskin.

Pineapple Breakfast

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Silent laugh at the thought of a pineapple breakfast one person understands.