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Begonia {part four}

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Mezereon smiled his biggest smile at the princess, but to her it looked quite frightening; rows of gleaming, pointed teeth were what she saw, with wispy tendrils of dark gray smoke still wheedling their way out between them.

Courtly Love, a tail

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They're bound to wonder what sort of offspring we'll hatch. We've done the tests, we are cross-fertile.

The River, Once

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once she went to quenchthen she went to scrubnow she collects dead toadsgrinds them with cornmeal to feed her sowsonce she ploughed the land toiled with her face deep in dark soil her back burning in hot sunnow she works in the paper millmaking laminated labels for the…

No Lions or Tigers, Thank Goodness

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I scrambled back a bit and found my feet after untangling them from my trekking poles. Really should have dropped those when this all started. The bear lunged at me with his teeth and I just barely dodged to the left to avoid getting something bitten of

Princess, Prince, Dragon

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I had to do everything myself.

Secret Brush Strokes

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One day a girl almost destroyed the world by making a single secret brush stroke.

The Peacock and the Dragon

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A work day outside my office window an old woman raises short arms to the sky a slow dip down body twisting she is Wind, Sun, Life embroidered on her silk coat the body of a peacock draped over the body of a dragon …

Like a Prince

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I have acted like a prince muchof my life, never mind my gender.I removed your obstacles as otherskill dragons. And when I came downfrom the mountain, still covered in sweatand mist and dragon blood and the sweetsense of triumph, you, like a princess, hada haircut…