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Shit May Come And Shit May Go, But A Good Tarpaulin Can Last Forever

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It happens. Someone blows something off, someone else forgives it, then tat for tit and verse visa, and you’re missing someone’s wedding because you thought it was Thursday and they didn’t mention it to you anywy, but you’re still BFF and don’t

Love , Devotion & Surrender

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I must have said deliverance out loud as a Ned Beatty look-alike appeared on the street accompanied by banjo-picking Appalachians. Now, I have been known to squeal like a pig, but given my new found appreciation for single use orifices, I quickly conclude


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Everything you need to know about Kafka.

Jasper Owens

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Jasper Owens was a son of a bitch. He was callous and abrasive and especially boorish when drinking. He was young and handsome. He came from money. He did as he pleased, despite his mother's pleadings. His father, Mr. Owens, had lost faith in his son's…

Jasper Owens

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The old man raised his chin, formed a smile, and twisted his cane on the floor so that the rubber cap at its base made a squeak.