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Your One Fifteen's Been Here Since Yesterday Morning

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"... How do you sleep at night on a scale of one to ten? ..."

Dr. Nishad

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Sometimes she imagined the piles of Dr. Nishad's medical waste at the end of productive day at the hospital. Stacks and heaps of connective tissue, lung matter, gristle and bone, cancerous clumps of tongue and stomach and ropes of bad muscles like wrung,


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Soon after, I notice while washing my face in the shower that the palms of my hands have a new texture, rough and bumpy. I turn off the water, squeeze drops from my hair, and step out of the tub. I wipe my face with a towel and peer at my hands.


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“You look strangely familiar,” he said, taking a drink and swinging his leg over the horse, landing on the ground beside me ...


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She liked him. He was hot. He made the big bucks. He was smart.


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“You have an impressive pair there,” he says, hands warm as he cups them. “Shame they’re on a man though.”

What it means to be a doctor is to love

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Rearranging the flyers on her desk. Thinking about all those mad syllables. Pantroplillipan. Foroxiplotl. Sometimes she read one backwards, just for fun. Nothing really happened, except that she did have fun. Ltolpixorof. She put the …


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The Kid, The Executive, The Doctor, and The Actress.

May 1985

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the child just didn't want to let go

This Can't Be True, But I Remember It

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She calls me by my name. She says I am her daughter.