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The afternoon I was born, my father brought my two older brothers and my sister to the hospital with him, but back then, they wouldn’t let children in to visit. My father and siblings all stood on the grass below my mother’s room and called up to her.

What are we made of?

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He got up and peered through the blinds again. Cold air slithered in through the window frame. It was freezing out. His cousin should have been back by now. Alvin had gone to get beer almost thirty minutes ago. That was a long time considering…


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...she weighs down the air with unspeakableness. And fades.

X, Vignette 5, Gloria “Glory” Elizabeth Harrison

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She silently brought her awareness into her feet to stay grounded in her body in case of the worst and pushed through the door. Vostok’s was blessedly Liam-less.

I Saw the News Today, Oh Boy

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We are infused with fear and dread/ of the world we won’t engage/ except through flat screens and remotes,


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It was that special ache between heart and stomach that made me stop things. That ache that cannot be caused by the mere knowledge that you have steered your life into a completely wrong direction. To feel this pain, you also need to have no clue why and how it…