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The Game

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She would turn her back to me and giggling commence with "green light" at which point I would begin tearing my clothes off...


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She liked him. He was hot. He made the big bucks. He was smart.


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I used to have a crush on Cliff in high school. He was tall and blond with cool blue eyes, though he had developed a small paunch. He met my husband Daryl in college and then was best man in our wedding.

The Scientist's Wife

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You’re ridiculous. Time travel is impossible, Steven.

Dog of the Day

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At her words I smiled amidst my teary eyes. Nick’s fingers moved between my right hand fingers, while to my left I scratched at Rodger’s puppy fuzz on her neck and ears. She exhaled and lay down, placing her head in my lap.


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The TV was giving the cat company. The voice of the anchorman set the tone for the mellow, yellow lights hanging all along the ceiling. It was barely enough light to walk, but just enough light to sit and talk. She set her laptop on the desk in front of her after the…

When Horses Fly

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Gerald's law practice wasn't new. He'd worked on the law review and finished near the top of his class thirty years ago. After earning his J.D., he'd gotten a master of law in taxation. His favorite cases required researching legal precedents, and he…