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Dear Planters

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My mother said that Corporations are soulless entities run by evil greedy men. I told her Corporations were nothing more than pieces of paper, the real company is made of the people that work there - real people with families, maybe even a kid like me. So


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He envisioned sinking his hands through his fat and pulling out the young, sinewy, long-haired Brendan Yin, the man Evelyn fell in love with. The blubbery shell would fall away to the floor, like a greasy banana peel, and the real Brendan Yin would be lo

My Life at Orwellian Industries

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Any comparisons to Scientology are also completely fraudulent and ignorant of the extensive empirical research with primates and beagles backing up our enterprise.

Gomalco, Inc.

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“You've got to be kidding me. A robot?”, said Marge as she rotated in the chair at her desk. She removed the leaf of paper from the typewriter and set in down on the desk. She looked up at Parkins who was leaning against the wall nursing a cold cup of…