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South, A Continent Removed

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In Rhodesia they Saw it fit to fling—‘kaffir', If black it…

South, A Continent Removed

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In Rhodesia they Saw it fit to fling—‘kaffir’, If black it applied.

Bromancing the Stone

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This plethora of fucks didn't strike me as very YA, but what do I know? I grew up in Texas where we don't let Young Adults read books with cuss words in them.

Summertime City

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Columbus Avenue, I’m the tense union of poor city rich city/ gentrification.

Losing my cool.....

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I thought I would be cooler. I had spent years working on it - being the "cool girlfriend". More than watch football, I could follow it and offer intelligent comments after ill-thrown flags. I delivered Hardee's Thickburgers to my boyfriend and his meathead friends at the…