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Roy G. Biv

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Perhaps a blue person is more alive underneath than a red. Red is eye-catching and flashy, but blue is substantial, secretive. Of course, blood is red, and there’s nothing more substantial than blood, but we’re on blue at the moment, and the thought

Color Wheel

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I remember the tan guinea pig, dead of dehydration. Through the wire bars of her cage I viewed her body. She lay stiff on her side, stretched out, as if in her guinea-pig dream she had been running through grassland, open and close to the sky.

On Repainting My Bedroom Walls

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I love my new apartment: bay windows, crown moldings, smooth porcelain doorknobs. The only thing I don’t like is the color of my bedroom walls, a garish mustard yellow.

struck by colorblindness @ noon

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Red and royalblue like blisters seared intofleshybacked tessellatedfishes you once slipped onehanded into your knapsackstolen as it was from a benchat the back…


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Black bugs are falling, fluttering down like big, black snow flakes. Two bugs, almost always, sometimes only one.


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Someone must bear witness// at a comfortable remove.