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Bobby Fischer in Budapest

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Bobby Fischer hates anyone using his name. Movies, books, stories, news articles, games. Kasparov, Spassky, even Deep Blue—he cursed them for ever having thought of his name. Whoever's thinking my name right now—burn in hell!


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SPECIAL ON THE JEWS “This is disgusting. Woody — shouldn't you be in your room with your homework?” “Now, Hon. Let the boy watch if he wants. This is history. There's a lesson to be…

The Man Who Saved The World

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“Just imagine,” Johann taunted, “if Commander Archipov would have responded defensively to the irrational assault of American depth charges, if he would have mistaken these benign surfacing weapons for a real attack, you would not be standing here today."

Berlin Terror

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I was surrounded by a rifle squad and herded into the back of a canvas-covered military truck.