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The Neighborly Thing To Do

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I was drunk in the bathtub, struggling to recall how many little pills I had choked down. "There's the goddamn warning they should mention in those pharmaceutical ads on TV: 'Could be difficult to count when trying to end it all. Ask your doctor if you're healthy enough…

Sports day at the School for Clowns

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The javelin was cancelled after the unfortunate incident with Mrs Parker last year, but no one could have predicted this year’s sack race tragedy.

The Cold Black Sea

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Where are the warm isles of emerald waters and sugar sand, where a depleted bag of tricks may be refilled?

The Clown Show

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Long nights on the road and into the ravines, wondering wordlessly how far they had traveled and where they were going, wondering and forgetting and consulting again the map, although they now travelled those forests beyond the forests on maps

Grand Finale

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Adam hitched his dinosaur to a covered wagon. He drove the Virgin Mary to the Faire. Shiva rode behind them in a silver limousine combing out his long and flowing hair.