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What Happens In South America, Stays In South America

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After coughing up shadows of Jameson for a month, tonight was the night she was gonna lay me down like a notch, until I put on the goat skin condom. I heard from the village of her exes that her vaginal walls were transplanted from the throat of a chupacabra.…

How Chupacabra Broke the Heart of God

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And God said, Let us create a being in our image, after our likeness, for God was alone in the universe.

Chupacabra Blues

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I'm afraid my chupacabra has AIDS

Urban Legending is Lonely Work

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A Chupacabra for Thanksgiving

Black Friday

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Chupacabra wants a ride to the mall.

Apocalypse WOW!!!

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Chupacabra and I watch as the Mayans invade Australia.