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to day

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I turn my head. Time starts running.


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You make all the lists.


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Once or four times, I have sat with the future. It is the large number of dolphins stranded in Cape Cod these last two months. It rides the public bus and carries a cane made from a tree limb and a chunk of quartz. It is purifying itself in…

The Old Man

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The old man looked expectantly down the street, and, seeing nothing, turned back to his cup of tea. Five dollars this tea had cost him, but it was worth it, not only for its quality- it was exceptional- but for the visitor that cup of tea would bring.


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I write to make visible my small/ assertions against impermanence.

Consequently, I Rejoice

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The infinite terrifies.

Not by Choice but Circumstance

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With small and fleshy hands/ I scratch at enigmatic stones,

None But The Righteous

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Susan was twenty-four when it happened again, but she had neither the patience nor the attachment to see it through.

The Galleries

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We invent our beauties// as we find them and engineer/ our horrors